Getting started
Welcome to ENGyn! Now that you know more about the platform it's time for us to show you the way you can be part of it. Just a few steps to set up and you'll be ready to start.


Registering in Engyn will allow you to use all the functionalities, share your work with other registered users, being part of the Forum and send your Feedback. Go to How to register?


Downloading the Add-In is a very quick and easy process that allows you to connect the plugins (Revit, Navis, Excel, etc) to the platform and start working. Go to How to install? to see the full guide.

The user session

In your user session you will be able to edit your profile, create and save your projects and access to the Menu. For more information go to The user session.

The Canvas

The canvas is the blank page where you can create workflows. What you can create depends on your needs and imagination. So go ahead and start, there are no limits. To learn more go to The Canvas.